BizPay makes cash flow for your business. If you're invoicing, get immediate payment, no waiting or chasing. If you're paying an invoice, spread the cost over 4 easy monthly instalments.
Close the deal and get paid upfront by offering your client payments spread over 4 months
Why pay an invoice in one go? Spread over time to keep cash in your pocket
Whether you're keen to get paid, or to spread out your bill repayments, BizPay makes it easy to understand
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BizPay has had on their business.

We were recently introduced to BizPay and offered their payment option to a small number of clients as a test. It proved to be quick, simple and popular with our clients, so we quickly rolled it out and offered BizPay on all our invoices to all our clients.
BizPay has also helped eliminate the problem of collections from a difficult client. I've recommended other agencies to BizPay and don't see why anyone wouldn't offer it to their clients — lots of benefits and no downside.

Adam Weraksa,
Managing Director, W Talent.

BizPay has enabled us to improve our cash flow cycle significantly, which means we can grow faster than we were previously able to do. Their rates are less than half the competitors we had been dealing with prior to working with them. The system is seamless; it's very easy to use for both us, our suppliers, and the turnaround times are very quick.
From Day 1, our BizPay Account Executive, has been a huge support. He was able to walk us through how the platform works and has personally called a number of our suppliers to walk them through the process and give them comfort. The whole BizPay team has gone above and beyond for us to ensure our suppliers are paid quickly. I would highly recommend BizPay to any business looking to improve their cash flow cycle to facilitate growth.

Nathan Halliday,
Director of

BizPay have been great to deal with. Its quick and easy to set up an account on their platform and the team supported us every step of the way.

Richard Helal,
Head of Sales, Amfin

We are a mining, tunnelling and construction company based across Australia. BizPay has helped us pay our employees their wages on time and enabled us to take on contracts, which wouldn't have been possible without this service and support. We would certainly recommend BizPay to other businesses like ours.

Daniel Salter,
CEO, MTC Concepts Pty Ltd

BizPay has been nothing but amazing. Lisa, our superstar account manager, has been so helpful and quick to respond! They really are on your team! David, the Global CEO, has been nothing but extremely helpful and understanding during these tough times.

They genuinely want to help you out and do everything in their power to do so! Highly recommended and will ALWAYS be my first go-to for quick funding.

William Du,
Co-founder, Disney X Short Story

As a start-up business we learned very quickly how the processing period of invoices in our industry can place a lot of stress on a young business like ours. BizPay’s unique yet affordable solution has been instrumental in the slow but steady cash flow for our business.
We are in no way obligated to use BizPay on a regular basis as this is allowed us by the conditions that govern the service BizPay offers. I love that about the way BizPay offers their service as it allows a young business like ours the flexibility to only utilise their services when we require it. David and his team are very professional and are very understanding and for that I cannot thank them enough. Thus, I highly recommend BizPay to anyone who is in search of a financial solution for your business.

Tevita Gave,
Director, T&T Rigging
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