of your invoices within 24 hours.
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Contract Labour Hire)
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You, the service provider, gets paid 100% in 24 hours.
We advance your invoice value in full (minus our small fee).
Your clients pay on the usual schedule.
Your clients pay us on your usual terms.
One simple fee. No hidden surprises. No lock-in contract.
Our fees are 0.9% to 2% per month, on a case by case basis.
Key Benefits
Full Funding.
BizPay will advance your total invoice value (minus our small fee) within 24 hours. This will leave you free and unencumbered to pursue the bigger opportunities.
BizPay will collect the assigned invoices as quickly as possible and charge you a single upfront fee of 0.45% - 1% (14 days) or 0.9% - 2% (30 days) whilst the debt is outstanding.
Flexible & adaptable.
No lock-in contracts. No hidden fees. No surprises. Terminate your BizPay contract at any time.
Minimal financial information.
The application to access funds is easy, requires low documentation, and minimal due diligence.
How BizPay for
'Getting paid now' works
You get paid for your invoice today by BizPay, minus a small fee (e.g. you'd get $9,800 for a $10,000).
Your customer pay us back on your invoice due date, e.g. in 30 days.
Our fee is calculated on how long it is until the invoice is due (and also how sure we are we will get repaid).
You get 100% minus
our small fee.
Your clients pay
us back.
Invoice due date

Calculate your installment repayment

Get funds now for an invoice of yours, and you or your clients will pay us on your normal business terms.
BizPay Users Say:
We use BizPay to fund multiple large contract labour hires in Victoria. I cannot begin to describe the difference this has made to our business. Receiving 100% funding has taken all the pressure off our cash flows and allowed us to grow by taking on new large projects. The process is simple and fast. And the people are a delight to deal with.
Dannielle Walz, Director - Operations, Track Protection Australia.
Further information
If you would like to discuss further before using BizPay to facilitate your next project or recruitment, please fill in the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours.