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Your supplier gets paid 100% in 24 hours
We pay your supplier’s invoice in full in 24 hours.
You pay in 4 monthly installments
Pay nothing until the end of the first month.
One simple fee. No hidden surprises
Fees are 1% of the total invoice value added to each monthly installment (4% total fee).
Key Benefits
Optimise Cash flow
Keep more money in your bank account for longer.
Afford higher quality
Because you can use the supplier of your choice, even if it costs a little more.
You can process any invoice you want, your supplier doesn't need to be a BizPay partner.
We generally just need your basic business details to get you going in a few minutes (exceptions apply).
BizPay pays your supplier’s invoice in full within 24 hours.
You pay BizPay in 4 equal monthly installments, a small fee of 1% of the total invoice amount is applied to each installment (e.g. on a $10,000 invoice, you pay 4 monthly installments of $2,600).
25% + fee
at the end of the 1st month
25%  + fee
at the end of the 2nd month
25%  + fee
at the end of the 3rd month
25%  + fee
at the end of the 4th month

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